Length 2.9m

Width 1.62m

Height 2.7m

Length in transport condition 2.8m

Height in transport condition 1.9m

The main rotor diameter 5.5m

Empty helicopter weight 170kg

Maximum take-off weight 320kg

Standard fuel tank's capacity 26l

Power point

Volume / capacity 626 cub.cm

Power 63 h.p.

Maximum revolutions per minut 6250 rev/min

Maximum torque 84 Hm

Specific fuel consumption 0.3 kg/kWh

Fuel Gasoline AI95

Main rotor speed 620 rev/min

Flight characteristics

Max speed 127 km/h

Cruising speed 90 km/h

Practical flight range 150 km

Static ceiling 1800 m

Dynamic ceiling 4000 m

Vertical rate of climb 3m/s

Maximum rate of climb 6m/s

Maximum operational overload 3 g